Education, Training & Speaking

For Spiritual Leadership, Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Congregations

I have spoken to the worldwide congregation of a religious organization and have conducted educational trainings for meditation groups, spiritual leadership, staff, and volunteers on a variety of legal and spiritual topics.

Education & Training Program

Legal Issues for Church and Religious Leaders:

I have provided advice and training to spiritual leaders, meditation leaders, and organizational leaders on “Good Governance” topics including:

  • Warning Signs of Misconduct
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Money Issues
  • Personal and “Excess” Benefits
  • Confidentiality
  • Safeguards Respecting Children
  • Political Participation
  • Key Consciousness Points & Respect


Spiritual Consciousness and Legal Compliance

I have spoken to the worldwide congregation and advised leaders of religious organizations about the relationship of good spiritual consciousness to the necessity for compliance with sound legal and business practice.

In my years of practice and representing religious organizations I have noticed a tendency both in organizations, their leadership and even congregants to disregard and/or ignore compliance with certain legal, secular or business considerations believing that their spiritual “status” or the spiritual and/or social good that they do protects the organization, its leadership, officers and staff failure to comply with these legal requirements, good governance or sound practice. I have helped leaders, staff, volunteers, and congregants not only come into compliance with legal and business requirements but also shift their “consciousness” to one where compliance actually becomes an important aspect of their spiritual practice in service of the greater spiritual good.

Here is a brief excerpt from one talk I recently gave.


“Can we look at these limits or rules not as stops, but rather shift our consciousness:

Let’s choose to look at the legal and societal rules as opportunities to practice austerity, practice control of the being (meaning mind, senses and desires), practice humility and as opportunities to be in service to God.

Yes, at a given time you may have to go without something you as an individual, or the organization might want to follow the legal limit, social custom etc. … but if that serves a bigger purpose of helping God, serving others in their relationship to God, and also helping spiritually …

Then so be it … you can surrender to these limits from that perspective, not simply because you are beholden to the material rules [the laws of “Caesar” or “the illusion”], but because in your heart everything you do you can do for God to increase the love and Love of God in the world.”