About J.M. Sandlow

JM Sandlow Green Mala“I have experience with many Faiths and my life and practice are dedicated to the service of all those committed to bringing humankind closer to God.”

J. M. Sandlow, has dedicated himself to the representation of religious organizations, churches and spiritual leadership for most of his practice since entering the legal profession in 1979. His clients have included: Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi and other religious organizations. He has represented several notable eastern and western Spiritual Masters and an Incarnation of God. In some circles he’s earned the name “The Guru Lawyer.”

He has professional licenses in both Colorado and California.  J.M. is currently legal counsel to a number of international religious organizations and churches.

J.M. graduated with honors from the University of San Diego, School of Law in 1979. He then served as a law clerk to Associate Justice Staniforth of the California Court of Appeal, Fourth District. On completion of his clerkship, he practiced both transactional law and worked as a civil litigator, including extensive appellate practice. He has represented clients including churches and religious organizations in numerous constitutional, civil rights and immigration matters. He is also a trained and experienced mediator, providing help and Counsel in Alternative Dispute Resolution. He received recognition from Marin County, California for “one year of exemplary service and outstanding dedication” providing mediation services.

J.M. has substantial experience in advising religious organizations and helping them develop strategies, structures and corporate forms, including the use of subsidiaries and “group exemption” rulings, to maximize control and minimize exposure to tort and contract liabilities. He has conducted numerous “legal audits” of religious organizations, non-profits and corporations to assess legal risks from the public and private sector.

J.M. is experienced with various religious faiths and practices. Having practiced meditation for over 40 years, he has served as an ordained minister and a meditation teacher.

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J.M. lives and plays in Golden, Colorado
with his daughter Kaya.JM-Montage-2