Consultation & Legal Audit

Safeguards and Policies Tailored to Your Church

I would review the efficacy of any safeguards and policies that may already be in place in your church in one or more high risk areas. I would then advise whether they are legally comprehensive and up to date. Safeguards include the development of appropriate preventative measures, such as policies, screening and supervision procedures and educational practices relating to ministers, employees, and volunteers.

If you don’t have what you need, I would create or change your policies and procedures so you are adequately protected under the law. I would work very closely with you to make sure that the legal necessities of protection meld to the greatest extent possible with the spiritual goals and methods of operations of your Spiritual Organization. In my experience, there is no [cookie cutter] solution. Each organization is unique in its leadership, membership and mode of operation.

Audit for a Deeper Looking

Along with providing any necessary legal counsel and consultation in specific areas, it may be that your spiritual organization requires a deeper legal review of its practices and policies. I would propose to conduct a comprehensive legal audit that would consist of reviewing your organization’s corporate records, agreements, insurance, and talking with your principal spiritual leaders and executives, in a time frame that works for you. The audit I am proposing would provide a legal assessment of what I perceive as potential legal risks. On the basis of this assessment of risks, leadership can then, with my assistance, develop its strategy for the elimination or reduction of these risks.